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Cat Skull Lino Print (Made-to-Order)

$35.00 - $40.00

5 x 5 inch design with a little extra room around the edges for easy framing. 2 layered lino print on cardstock.

Each one is hand printed to order, print results may vary from picture. Please allow up to 5 days delay since this is basically a pre-order. Other items in the same order will be held until the full order is ready.

Available framed or unframed. Frame size is 6x6 inches and available in 3 colours.

PLEASE NOTE: I am by no means a professional printmaker, nor do I have all the proper equipment. These lino prints will have imperfections and may not come out as clean as the example shown in the photograph. I consider these imperfections to be normal for my work and part of their handmade charm. They are priced with this in mind.