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Dragon Eye Ring


Juicy magic eyeballs from a variety of breeds of dragon. Forged into powerful ring form for you to wield against your foes, or for whatever other magical shit you feel like doing.

These eyeballs are sourced from natural dragon deaths in another realm where they number in the billions and have naturally evolved to be smaller creatures with shorter lifespans due to population density. No dragons were harmed to obtain them.

Mounted on a gunmetal-grey adjustable band. Dragons don't like water, it turns their flames to smoke and dulls their powers, so probably try not to get it wet.

You can request colour preferences in the notes at checkout, but due to many different eye designs, and few numbers of each, you are not guaranteed to get the one you choose. There are more not pictured, so feel free to pick any colour or combination you desire and I will try to find one close.