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Rune Deck


25 cards in a custom designed velvety-soft tuckbox.

These are 6.5cm square cards with a matte finish, designed and printed locally in Brisbane. The smaller size makes them super easy to carry around, and they can be used for spiritual readings, divination, focus reminders, or simply as a learning tool.

The deck comes with a basic information sheet outlining some common symbolic meanings of the runes, and their phonetic counterparts (so you can start writing secret messages in runes, hehe), as well as a couple of spreads for readings. This is a guide only, and ultimately your own intuition is of greater importance. You can pull cards however you wish, and your personal interpretations or feelings may differ from those mentioned on the guide provided. These runes are very old and have been used in many different ways over the centuries. The info sheet contains some of the most common meanings and uses, but is by no means an exhaustive list, so go with what feels right to you. It is personal preference whether you would like to include the unknowable blank rune 'Odin' when using your deck.

I am by no means an expert on runes, I simply find them fascinating and beautiful. I created this deck in order to learn more about them after I tried to find a similar product and was met with very limited options. Due to it's very long history, some information about the Elder Futhark is still under dispute amongst experts. The information I have included on these cards and in the guide sheet is from my own research and to the best of my knowledge is accurate, or at least is one accepted variation.